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705 634-2115



705 634-2705

705 634-2115




Township Office Hours

Monday to Friday:  8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Closed for lunch:  12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Interac and Visa

To remind the public that you can pay your bills by:  cash, cheque, money order, interac, visa or electronic bank transfer.
Please note:  We NOW accept Mastercard

Drop Box

We wish to remind the public that there is a drop box for your convenience at the Township Office where you can deposit your payments etc... It is a black box located on the left side of the entrance door. Any payments collected in the box each morning by the Township staff will be recorded for the previous day.

Suggestion Box

We welcome the public to use the suggestion box when visiting the Township Office. It is located on the counter in the entrance.

Dump Pass

Please note that it is now a requirement to show your dump pass to the dump attendant in order to be able to enter the dump site. The dump passes were inserted in with your tax bill or with your water bill.

Electronic Bank Transfer

Residents and ratepayers may now make payment to the Township for taxes and water by electronic transfer.
In order to set up your transfer, please use the account number shown on your bill.
It is the responsibility of those paying to ensure the account is set up properly and the Township is receiving their funds.

Water Bills

Water bills are mailed at the beginning of each month and payable by the end of the same month. A discount of 10% applies if paid before or on due date.


The fee for using the Township fax is:

  • $3.00 for 3 pages and $0.50 for each additional page for outgoing faxes
  • Incoming faxes is $0.50 per page
  • Photocopy is $0.25 per copy

Building Permits

A building permit application MUST BE completed and approved BEFORE starting any building, renovations, or demolition in the Municipality. If an application is not completed and approved BEFORE starting the work an administration fee could be added to the cost of the permit.
Please check with the Municipality to determine if a building permit is required.

Recycling Program

  1. Rinse all recycling before putting it in the bin
  2. Break down cardboard boxes and tie it together if you have too much of it to fit in your bin
  3. All shredded paper should be put in a clear plastic bag
  4. This is a single stream recycling program so you do not need to sort your recycling
  5. Do not put compost or animal waste material in your bin
  6. Feel free to use CLEAR plastic bags for your recycling if it is convenient for you

Recyclable Materials Include:

Paper Products - newspaper, magazines, computer paper, pamphlets, flyers, envelopes, writing paper, cardboard, boxboard, cereal boxes, old corrugated cardboard, tissue boxes, soup boxes, shoe boxes, milk and juice cartons, etc...
Electonics - computers, televisions, phones, cd players, etc...
Aluminum Steel Cans - used for food and drinks, aliminum foil and plates, etc...
Glass Jars and Bottles - used for food and drinks, empty paint cans, aerosol cans, etc...
Plastic Containers - bottles and all other plastic containers labeled with symbols #1 to #7
Styrofoam - used for packaging and shipping

Non-Recylable Materials Include:

Paper - such as wax paper, paper towels, waxed grocery boxesMetal - coat hangers, metal pots and pans
Glass - drinking glasses, cups, dishes, window glass, light bulbs, mirrors, pottery, glass pots and pans
Plastic - such as caulking tubes, cellophane and all other recycling that does not have the #1 to #7 symbols

Dump Hours

Starting May 1st until September 30th the dump will be open on:
Thursday - 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

**Dog Owners Alert**

Spring is here and we all enjoy the outdoors. It's time to walk, jog, and enjoy the change in the season.
Unfortunately many residents find that they need to contsantly keep their "eyes" on the ground when they venture out because some dog owners have failed to admere to the "Poop and Scoop" alert.
Take the time to be considerate of others, when your dog poops, please scoop. For the convenience of all residents we have garbage cans located around town to dispose of any refuse.

  1. all dogs should be kept on a leash at all times for the protection of others and yourself
  2. 2016 dog tags are available for purchase at the Township Office

Township of McGarry Fitness Centre

Our fitness centre is open daily for your convenience.
There is a fee of $20.00 per month to be paid at the Township Office. ($10.00 deposit for key)
Office hours are:  8:00 am till 4:00 pm (closed for lunch)
If you cannot present yourself to the office during those hours, please call 705 634-2145 and we will make arrangements.

We encourage you all to use our facilities!



As you are aware it is rapidly approaching the time of year for our Annual Canada Day Parade. The 2016 Canada Day parade will be held Friday, July 1st, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. The parade will start at the old Public School grounds in Virginiatown and make its way through Virginiatown, Kearns and North-Virginiatown.


We have always enjoyed a high level of involvement and support from the community and organizations such as yours. This year we are again hoping for a record turnout. There is no charge as always for entering a float into the parade and it is a great way to advertise your business end enjoy the event with your friends and the community as a whole.

You may register at the Township Office or call the office at 705-634-2145. 


Comme vous êtes conscient le temps de l’année pour notre Parade Annuelle de la Fête du Canada approche à grands pas. La parade de la Fête du Canada 2016 sera tenue le vendredi, 1er juillet, 2016 à 10h00. La parade débutera sur les lieux de la vielle école publique de Virginiatown et fera son chemin à Virginiatown, Kearns et Virginiatown-Nord.



Nous avons toujours aimé un haut niveau de participation et de support de la communauté et des organisations comme la vôtre. Cette année nous espérons de nouveau avoir un taux de participation- record. Il n’y a aucun coût comme toujours pour l’inscription d’un char de défilé. L’inscription vous donne l’occasion de faire de la publicité pour votre entreprise et aussi bien profiter de l’événement avec vos amis et la communauté dans l’ensemble.

Vous pouvez vous inscrire au Bureau Municipal de Virginiatown, ou appeler le 705-634-2145.


Please Note:
* The water fountain located outside at the Virginiatown Community Centre is now open.

Veuillez Notez:
*La fontaine d'eau située à l'extérieur au Centre Communautaire de Virginiatown est maintenant ouverte.

70th Anniversary
BBQ Steak Dinner (SOLD OUT)
Banquet (Sunday July 3rd, 2016). Special guests: MPP John Vanthof and MP Charlie Angus. Tickets available at the Township Office for $20.00/each. Cocktails - 5:00 pm Dinner - 5:30 pm. Only 200 tickets.









Mostly Clear


Mostly Clear

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Wind: 17.70 km/h

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